Погрузка и разгрузка оборудования производится тельфером, грузоподъемностью 3 тонны, в грузовые машины и прицепы.

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                  Продукция KRUG (Германия)

                  KRUG (Германия)

                  Specialists in state-of-the-art surface treatment

                  Thanks to a growing awareness of quality internationally, Krug are today one of the leading manufacturers of specialist metal tools for surface preparation. We offer our customers support in all areas regarding wear-protected machine components, tools made from low and high alloy steels, tungsten and diamond-tipped tools as well as solid tungsten carbide tools. Our manufacture and production processes are modern and technically advanced. They guarantee the highest, possible quality for our customers.

                  Our ongoing research and development ensures we maintain close contact with the market

                  Our decades of experience working with tungsten carbide is crucial for successful cooperation with mechanical engineers and users. In Simultaneous Engineering, we develop innovative products for surface treatment designed to meet the highest specifications. This approach has earned the Krug brand a prestigious international reputation.

                  Special tools of the highest quality

                  We develop and manufacture individual tools in any quantity based on customer drawings or in-house design. Our expertise provides an optimum basis for customer satisfaction. Continuity in quality and innovation are crucial in giving our products an unrivalled position in global competition and thereby ensuring the success of the Krug brand.

                  Customer satisfaction

                  In partnership with our customers, we utilise our invaluable experience to provide effective solutions for even the most technically complex problems. We respond to customer requirements with complete flexibility. Our corporate tradition draws its strengths from trust, reliability and the goal of long-standing cooperation.

                  Total Quality Management

                  Our customers can see the quality of Krug reflected in its customer relations, products and services. We view quality as a corporate objective and promise the highest standards in all areas for the benefit of our customers.

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                  Цена: 318 ₽
                  Наружний диаметр: 45 мм
                  Внутренний диаметр: 15 мм
                  Толщина: 6 мм
                  Вес: 36 г
                  Цена: 716 ₽
                  Наружний диаметр: 57 мм
                  Внутренний диаметр: 18 мм
                  Толщина: 6 мм
                  Вес: 80 г
                  Цена: 875 ₽
                  Наружний диаметр: 80 мм
                  Внутренний диаметр: 30 мм
                  Толщина: 8 мм
                  Вес: 184 г
                  Цена: 9 400 ₽
                  KRUG Grinding disc №14 (Германия)
                  Наружний диаметр: 375 мм
                  Толщина: 0,8 мм
                  Ширина сегмента: 2,5 - 3 мм
                  Зернистость: Грубая (14)
                  Форма: Двусторонний
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